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Lease a fully furnished office space at our local business park in Laramie, WY

The Business Park at Laramie Regional Airport has both raw land ready for development and land which has already been prepared. Presently, there are 240 acres set aside for business and 125 acres already have water and sewer. The park currently has one commercial building and we are looking for more. The focus will be on aviation-related businesses, but are open to development on any front.
It is a broad vision of a better future and new Master Plan may go a long way in terms of narrowing the focus, but the truth is that no matter which way you look, growth is on the horizon.

The visibility and exposure to a wide audience offered at the Laramie Regional Airport Business Park is ideal for other types of businesses, as well. We offer commercial and industrial sites for development, and we provide quality space and infrastructure to our business partners.

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