On August 21, 2018, voters approved the 6th penny funds necessary to fund our terminal expansion!

With an expanded, updated, and modernized terminal, not only will we be able to better serve passengers—we’ll be positioning ourselves to safely and comfortably serve our community and its travelers for decades to come.

Highlights of the Laramie Regional Airport terminal expansion will include:

  • Improving the location, layout, and space available for TSA screening areas
  • Creating sufficient room for equipment and enhancing passenger comfort and privacy
  • Expanding the TSA holdroom and the main lobby to provide adequate space, restrooms, drinking fountains, vending, and other basic amenities in both secure and non-secure areas
  • Incorporating ADA-compliant restrooms, drinking fountains, and other elements
  • Providing space to accommodate additional rental car vendors
  • Installing high-efficiency, environmentally friendly and people/passenger-friendly elements throughout the building
Here’s a sneak peek:


Construction will be completed by 2020.