Laramie Regional Airport – Laramie, Wyoming will accept qualifications for professional service to complete:

Laramie Airport Terminal Building and Cowboy Aviation Building 25KW Solar Projects

The selected firm will provide all personnel, equipment, and supplies necessary for the design development, provision of equipment and installation of two 25kW solar arrays that meet the requirements of the Blue Sky Funding Award related to this project.

Statements shall conform to a prepared set of specifications available from the Airport. Questions regarding the RFQ including receiving a copy of the RFQ specifications should be directed to Jack Skinner, Airport Manager at 307.742.4164 or The Airport reserves the right to reject any or all qualification statements or waive any specification or requirement if it is in the Airport’s interest to do so. The Airport assumes no liability for the cost of preparing responses to this request. Statements will be received until 2:00 p.m. (Mountain Time) on Wednesday July 15, 2020, at the Laramie Regional Airport ARFF/Administration Office, 555 General Brees Road, Laramie, WY 82070.

This project is funded by both a Blue Sky Funding Award to be finalized in July of 2020 and a Specific Purpose Optional Tax approved in August of 2018.